decluttering & home organizing

How It Works

Initial Assessment: Harrison works closely with you to understand your unique needs, objectives, and challenges. He’ll take a close look at your space and your preferences to decide the perfect course.

Decluttering: He will guide you through the process of sorting your possessions, making those tough decisions about what to keep, donate, or say goodbye to – all while offering unwavering support.

Organizing and Arranging: Together, you’ll develop a tailor-made organization plan, optimizing your space and keeping everything neat and accessible.

Space Design: Whether it’s a closet, kitchen, home office, or an entire room, he’s there to elevate the functionality and beauty of your space.

Time and Task Management: Need help with time management or task organization? He’s got you covered.

Maintenance Plans: It’s not just about getting organized; it’s about staying organized. He share tips and plans to ensure your space remains clutter-free.


My wife has been complaining about out cluttered home office for years. I decided to take action and find somebody to help me out. After a few calls and meeting with potential organizers, I ended up hiring Harrison who was charming and knowledgeable. Harrison arrived on time and ready to work. I was surprised how quickly he dug in and started to make serious progress. He the the process painless, effective and I owe him a great deal of gratitude. I will continue to use Harrison throughout our house as I know he will do a fantastic job. 

– Mike A 

Harrison is FANTASTIC. He organized a very large closet for me that over the years had accumulated a lot of unused clothes, shoes, games & books. He worked tirelessly and I ended up with about 8 large hefty bags to donate. I want to also add that it wasn’t all about just boxing up things. I was very nostalgic about getting rid of some of my kids baby clothes & memories. He picked up on that immediately and created a memory box for each child ( I have 3) and in the end of my big purge I held on to the things that meant the most to me He also rearranged some furniture for me and changed around some rugs that I already owned to add a fresh new look to my space. Harrison can do it all, he has a great eye for design and decor plus he is so easy to work with. Highly recommended

-Cheryl R

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